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We wanted to take a moment to officially unveil our new SiteMeter KnowledgeCenter. Our new KnowledgeCenter includes our knowledgebase and support FAQ’s as well as our new email support system. To visit our new KnowledgeCenter click here.

The Knowledgebase, which we’ve previously mentioned contains a host of useful documents and flash movies. One which deserves special mention is our installation tutorials and guides for nearly all the top blogging platforms and website creation tools. You can find these under “Installation instructions” here.

We’re especially excited about our new Support Email Ticketing System. We are now able to offer an email support system that will create tickets or service numbers. This will ensure that your questions are answered in a timely manner and help us better manage the process. To submit a ticket click here.
We hope that these efforts will help us better serve you and make our already outstanding service even better.

Have a great day.
The SiteMeter Team


SiteMeter Video Instructions


We will be introducing a series of instructional videos to assist you in the installation of the Site Meter code. All of the instructional videos will be located within the Site Meter Knowledge Base / Installation Instructions section. Our first instructional video works for both and If you would like us to add an instructional video that isn’t posted please let us know.

Thank you,
Site Meter Support

Did you Know?

For those of you who are new to Site Meter or considering us for your stats tracking needs we thought it might be useful to occasionally highlight important features –

Visitor Path – For Paid Accounts there is an option to view the Path taken through your site by any visitor. By clicking on “Detail” icon in the “By Details” report you can view detailed information for one particular visitor including “Visit Path”. Near the bottom of this report you can view all the pages viewed by the visitor on your site. It also shows the page that referred the visitor (if there was one), any out clicks and context clicks. Displayed next to each of the pages is how long they viewed the page. The page view time is in seconds. If there were no out clicks on the last page viewed, the view time of that page will be 0 because it is unknown how long the page was actually viewed.

Some features require the use of javascript. If javascript is disabled in the visitor’s browser or if you are using the non-javascript version of the Site Meter HTML on your pages, you will see “unknown” for those items.

Codename and Password Retrievals Updated

If you forget your codename or password you can now retrieve the codename using your email address. To retrieve your codename by email address click here.

We will continue to introduce new features as we roll out our new website.

The Site Meter Team

Exciting News

Dear SiteMeter Friends –

All of you will be glad to hear that SiteMeter is working on some major new upgrades to improve its level of service to our customers. We are spending A LOT of our time developing new features that can make our service more useful to you – not to mention upgrading all of our servers to give you faster access to the system. Thanks to all of our customers who have spread the word and have helped make us the most used free counter tool in the U.S!

Now we’re going to give you even more to talk about with our ambitious plan to create brand new features that provide valuable insights into your visitors and make our platform even easier to use. As we noted earlier, we’ve been working hard in the background upgrading our hardware and software to better support our customers and you may experience some difficulties over the short term as we roll them out. We do our best to test everything as thoroughly as possible before they become live, but sometimes there are hiccups, so we really appreciate your patience. In the meantime, check out what’s coming next:

Demo Reports – Find out exactly what the demographics of your site visitors are click here for a sneak preview of the this new feature.

User Interest Reports – Learn what categories of content people are reading when they are not on your site click here to see how this works – and find out what your visitors’ real interests are.

Better Account Management – We’ll give you the ability to run numerous websites all under one account. Soon you’ll be able to consolidate them into a single login for easier access and management.

Heat Mapping – We’ll show where your users’ mouse is on the screen so you can better set up your website structure.

Variable Format Reports and Exports
Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs
Excel, CSV, Tab Delimited

Unique Visitors –Measure exactly how many true unique people are coming to your site, not just unique hits.
Live View – Up-to-the minute stats reporting for the stats enthusiast who just has to know what is going on at all times.

RSS Tracking, Podcast Tracking, Spider Reports, Historical Data… and many more features scheduled for release in the near future.

One other thing we want to mention is an extra-added bonus for our loyal customers. Online Video is the hottest thing around, and we will now offer you high quality, relevant, syndicated news and topical video content that you can put right onto your site. The best part? We’re making this feature available for free. This will allow your visitors to not only read your content but also watch relevant video content and spend more time on your website. You’ll also be able to create your own video blog segment (vlog) on the topics of your choice and upload them for playback on your website.

As you can see, SiteMeter is hard at work making our service faster and better for our customers – look for the new reports soon when you login to your account.

The SiteMeter Team

Onward and Upward

It’s been a few weeks now since the launch of our new site and subsequent rollback.  Our team has had some time to examine the black box data, discuss and evaluate the events that unfolded before, during and after, and develop a plan for moving forward.  We’d like to offer our community the following thoughts and “take aways” –

We value your feedback.
We’re working for you.
We want to be the best.
We WILL get it right.

We want and value user feedback – 4 months before launching the new site we began recruiting beta testers via our monthly newsletter and our blog.  We also conducted personal tours of the site by phone with users to get their feedback.  Following our beta testing period all indications suggested we were on the right track.  Unfortunately, following the release of our new site there were many users who expressed concerns about the new design – we listened and responded.

The post launch feedback, along with initial performance concerns convinced us to take a step back and re-evaluate.  We have subsequently asked all those who were unhappy with the new interface, who did not participate in the original beta testing to join our beta group.  This gives everyone who wants to share their ideas and opinions about how the new site should be designed a chance to be heard.

SiteMeter serves the needs of a very large and diverse group of site owners and bloggers.  We have very large well known properties that rely on us as well as smaller sites operated by very passionate technical individuals.  We also serve a very large community of people who are just getting started.  Regardless of how large or small your site is, we want you to know that ultimately we exist to help you  – our services are for you and our time and efforts are on your behalf.   Simply put, we’re here for you.

To us it’s also very important that we continue to meet and exceed the needs of our diverse users.  We know that the stats desired by lower traffic sites are not the same stats required by higher traffic sites.  In fact we know from experience that your statistical needs will evolve as your site evolves.  For this reason we have made a conscious decision to improve our current offerings.  However, we’re not just interested in the status quo, in just providing the minimum necessary to get by.  We want to create a statistical package that is superior to any offered by our competitors.

This decision to provide the best, most useful stats also means that we have to accept certain realities.

No one likes change, especially when it’s forced on us.  To ease the discomfort that may occur with navigating a new design and layout we’ll be working towards a soft launch approach.  This means giving people a chance to go into the new system, get used to it on their own time, decide on their own terms whether they can adjust to it, and ultimately whether or not they will choose to adopt it.

We also realize and accept that when you have a million users you’re not going to please everyone, but that’s not to say we won’t be trying our best to accommodate every last users wishes.  As long we have actionable feedback from you, the chances improve greatly that everyone will be pleased when new product offerings and/or services are released.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be reaching out to those who expressed an interest in joining our beta group.  We’ll be soliciting you for your honest evaluations and asking you to tell us what we’ve done well, and not so well.

If you’re interested in having your opinions about our new design initiatives heard, and you want to be an active participant in our beta group please send an email to with BETA TESTER in the subject line.  Please leave us with contact email and your name.

The SiteMeter Team.