About Us

The Site Meter Weblog is the place for you to:

  • Find out the latest features and changes to SiteMeter.
  • Check on any service outages or other temporary problems you may have accessing the SiteMeter.com site.
  • Answer your questions about the SiteMeter service.

Separate categories have been created to help keep you informed. Each category has a separate web feed or you can subscribe to the web feed for the entire site and be informed of any new information on the site. Currently there are two categories (but more are planned for the future):

  • The Support category for notifications of any problems with the SiteMeter services.
  • The New Features category to find out about new features available or in development.

This blog is hosted at a separate facility from the traffic tracking servers so that in the event of a problem at the main hosting center, you will be still be able to access it and get updates on their resolution. You can be notified automatically of any changes by subscribing to the Support web feed or the main web feed for this blog.