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We recognize that there are a whole host of reasons people choose to create websites and blogs and not everyone is looking to make money from their efforts.  For many, websites and blogs are a tool for marketing your products and services. For many of you it’s an interest in documenting and sharing your lives with friends and family.  For others it’s a creative outlet.  Still others have found a certain sense of satisfaction in creating and owning something that is just yours, which you control, almost like your own business.  But for some the idea of making money from their site is an intriguing one.

If you’re interested in potentially generating revenue from your site you might consider joining a blog network. Blog networks are essentially businesses that manage or own many site properties.  Generally speaking, they are able to make money by distributing advertising across the network of website properties.  Often they’ll share those earnings with their site owners based on the amount of traffic they generate for the company or network. 

We’ve assembled a quick list of some of the Blog networks we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few years.  Please keep in mind that blog networks are in business to make money.  If you’re interested in approaching a network be prepared with a site that has good traffic, specific content, and a willingness to write, even when you don’t feel like it. 

If you’re turned down by one, don’t give up.  Some of these networks focus on specific industries and topics, some only have the capacity to work with very large sites and experienced bloggers and other are more willing to work with those just getting started.

If you’ve thought about investigating or joining a network we encourage you to review these organizations, shoot them an email, and ask questions. 




BeautyBlog Network

Curbed Network

Glam Media



Weblogs Inc


Apologies to those we missed.  Please shoot us an email and we’ll update this list.


The SiteMeter Team


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