SiteMeter II Privacy Settings

We have spent a lot of time in recent newsletters talking about some of SiteMeter II’s more conspicuous new features. This month we want to address one of the less visible, but important new features – the change to our “Privacy” setting.

Currently, SiteMeter users have the option of changing the “Privacy” level of their SiteMeter icon which appears on pages containing our stats code. The default setting is “Normal” which essentially means that anyone who clicks on your SiteMeter icon will be taken to your SiteMeter stats page.
For some people the Normal setting is fine, but for others who have a desire to keep their site stats private they can change their privacy setting to Medium or High. Unfortunately, at the moment there is really no difference between Medium or High. Both deny access to your sites stats for anyone clicking on your SiteMeter icon and there is nothing in between.

When we launch SiteMeter II this we will be changing the Privacy options slightly, but the differences will be more apparent and important to note. There will still be three Privacy options – Low, Medium and High. The default “Low” setting will allow anyone to view all your stats pages and reports. A setting of Medium will allow users to just view your “Summary Page” report (see sample). Although they will be able to see there are other report pages, they will not be able to access them. And last but not least, a privacy setting of High will function just as it does now – directing people to and denying them access to your stats.

One final note – even if you have your privacy setting on Low or Medium, people who are viewing your stats will not be able to change any displayed reports or manipulate the date range settings, etc. Only the account owner who is logged in will be able to make changes or interact with the reports interface.


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