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Get SiteMeter Widget Here (Windows Version) or (Mac Version).

We’re excited to announce the release of our new SiteMeter widget.

This cool little device is technically a Yahoo widget which is placed on your PC desktop. Each day it will show you your sites traffic, updated every six minutes. With a simple mouse click on the widgets switch you can change from page views to visits. At midnight each night it resets and starts all over again. It also has some fun little custom options to change fonts and font colors etc. And if you want you can enable speech and the counter will tell you what your current traffic totals are each time it updates.

Installing Yahoo Widgets is required prior to installing our widget. After the SiteMeter widget (Windows Version) (Mac Version) has been downloaded, run the installer or extract the .zip file and save the file on your desktop. Click the SiteMeter icon on your desktop to add the widget to Yahoo widgets. Once you have installed this widget open the “preferences” (right click on the widget) and enter your sites SiteMeter codename.

From the SiteMeter widget preference menu you can change the following options –
– Codename. Enter your SiteMeter codename.
– Range Start and Range End. If your site receives 100 visits a day you can set the Start and End to 0 and 150. If you have more traffic you can make the End value higher. The choice is yours.
– Pulse Speed. This will adjust how quickly or slowly the “Pulse” indicator moves. The Pulse simply indicates that the SiteMeter widget is working.
– Speech Enabled. For those who prefer an audible notification a voice can be enabled which will tell you how many visits or page views your site has. The Voice will notify you every 6 minutes when the Widget checks your sites data.
– Add/Edit your Website Name. You can display your sites name on the widget and change the color and/or font of the displayed text. When you click on the website name you will be directed to the SiteMeter home page.

Please note that the SiteMeter Widget works only if you have your privacy settings at “Normal” or “Medium”. It will not work if you privacy is set to “High”. If your privacy level is set to “High” you will receive a password protected error.
Please also understand that we are not able to provide technical support for this device.

The SiteMeter Team.


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