Monthly Archives: May 2007

Did you Know?

For those of you who are new to Site Meter or considering us for your stats tracking needs we thought it might be useful to occasionally highlight important features –

Visitor Path – For Paid Accounts there is an option to view the Path taken through your site by any visitor. By clicking on “Detail” icon in the “By Details” report you can view detailed information for one particular visitor including “Visit Path”. Near the bottom of this report you can view all the pages viewed by the visitor on your site. It also shows the page that referred the visitor (if there was one), any out clicks and context clicks. Displayed next to each of the pages is how long they viewed the page. The page view time is in seconds. If there were no out clicks on the last page viewed, the view time of that page will be 0 because it is unknown how long the page was actually viewed.

Some features require the use of javascript. If javascript is disabled in the visitor’s browser or if you are using the non-javascript version of the Site Meter HTML on your pages, you will see “unknown” for those items.


Codename and Password Retrievals Updated

If you forget your codename or password you can now retrieve the codename using your email address. To retrieve your codename by email address click here.

We will continue to introduce new features as we roll out our new website.

The Site Meter Team